Does Your Business Have a True Content Marketing Strategy?

Ken Bowden - Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Does Your Business Have a True Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing. We’ve all heard of it, but not everyone has the same ideas when it comes to what the term actually means. Some people think it means making sure there is content, even new and revolving content on your website. Others think it means writing articles to drive links back to your website. Let’s take a closer look at what content marketing is and how to better utilize it in your business.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is strategic. It means taking valuable information – information that is relevant, practical, and accurate – and finding ways to distribute it to the intended audience in order to drive profitable action. While in the past marketing meant mere text, it now extends to video, podcasts, infographics, social posts, ebooks, product reviews, lists of curated content, and so much more.

A good content marketing strategy is also developed by listening to what your potential customers are saying online.  Then develop content that meets the wants and needs of their enquiries.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

The trick to a good content marketing strategy is having a set, consistent plan. You need to know who your target audience is, the type of content they respond to most, where they generally look for it and determine how to use it to drive visitors to your landing pages for engagement.

Consistency is important because the longer you go between putting out new pieces of content, the more likely it is your audience will forget about you or be drawn towards another source with more frequent pieces of valuable information. You want to draw your audience’s attention and then keep it.

So how do you develop a strong strategy?

  1. Make sure you have someone within your organization who is the lead content manager. While everyone may be able to contribute, there should be one point person in charge of assigning, editing, and ultimately distributing your content.
  2. Decide what type of content you want to use and figure out who will create it. Will you need a social media manager or SEO consultant? Will you need a blogger? Will you need a graphic designer? Will you need someone with some basic YouTube skills? Is there someone within your office who can efficiently handle these tasks (without compromising his actual job role within your business), or should you outsource?
  3. If you’re going to handle the above in your office, do you have the tools and technology necessary to do so?
  4. Do you have a content calendar that outlines: a) the purpose for each piece of or that month’s content; b) the places you’d like to distribute content each month; c) the types of content you’ll put in each place; and d) deadlines for having each piece of content created?
  5. Once you’ve published your content, use your analytics reports to test and measure the effectiveness of your posts or campaign and revise accordingly.

Truth be told, content marketing can be a little overwhelming – especially if you run a busy business. Give WSI New Media Marketing a call if you’d like help with your content marketing strategy. We’ll take some of the burden off of your shoulders so you can focus on your clients.

Improve Customer Engagement with Inbound Marketing

Ken Bowden - Friday, September 4, 2015

It is harder than ever to stand out in your marketplace. Inbound Marketing helps you stand out because you are really helping the customer rather than selling a product. Here are five tips to help you engage your customers in North Carolina and across the globe.

La Red Floral, an alternative healthcare company, relies on WSI for SEO

Ken Bowden -

La Red Floral is an organization that promotes health, personal development and life quality through training, therapies, and products related to alternative therapies, such as therapy of past lives, floral therapy or Bach flower therapy, Ho’oponopono, emotional reading of the body and therapy for bipolar disorder.

WSI was hired by La Red Floral to develop a SEO strategy. The first phase of on-page optimization has been completed. It consisted in optimizing 5 web pages and make some adjustments to the site in order to make it able to be positioned. These 5 pages are focused on 5 main services offered by La Red Floral:

Also WSI is running the off-page optimization phase in order to increase the popularity of La Red Floral, which also includes the creation of profiles in business directories, customer reviews, external blogs (like Google+, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly y gHost) and producing signals in social networks.

La Red Floral goal is to organize training, entertaining and educational activities about disciplines and holistic technics for health and well-being. La red Floral also aims for the creation of healthcare spaces and personal development. They also promote their services through related publications about knowledge and tools for health and well-being. Finally, they investigate, design, develop and promote related products.

This post originally appeared on http://www.wsiwebdeal.com/la-red-floral-salud-alternativa-se-apoya-en-wsi-para-seo/

John The Plumber Retains WSI for a Second Year of Extensive Digital Marketing Services

Ken Bowden -

John the Plumber

John The Plumber is one of Ottawa’s largest independently owned full service plumbing companies. John The Plumber offers the highest level of service that you can get from plumbers in Ottawa specializing in Emergency Plumbing Services, general plumbing services, commercial plumbing services and home water filtration systems. Over the last year, WSI’s focus was to increase John The Plumber’s online visibility and search engine rankings through strategic SEO tactics.

Our solution:

WSI developed a well-rounded online marketing campaign composed of a Website revamp, Adaptive Search Engine Optimization, Content Development Strategies for all of JTP’s Geo-Locations, a comprehensive link building strategy and the creation of several new Google Places listings for his new markets.

The results:

Keyword Rankings have increased significantly in all geo-targets while moving the needle forward and achieving higher rankings organically and in his Google Places listings. Traffic has strikingly increased by 180% in Google Organic Traffic and a 183% in Search Traffic (ALL Search Engines).


The client has expanded significantly and is now reaching new untapped markets. John The Plumber has recently expanded their Plumbing Services to Kingston, Ontario in order to accommodate increased demand.

WSI eStrategies and John The Plumber have agreed to continue building on the current success and momentum generated by our Adaptive SEO efforts into 2015-2016. John the Plumber’s current online results are allowing him the opportunity to continue is expansion efforts in the Canadian Marketplace.

Our next steps are to focus on the new Kingston, Ontario market while we continue to monitor and improve our ranking positions in Ottawa, Ontario. John The Plumber and WSI eStrategies are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.


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PPC Advertising is Practical and Effective

Ken Bowden - Monday, August 31, 2015


PPC Advertising is Practical and Effective

By now you understand the importance of good website SEO, organic search engine results, and PPC advertising. Despite this, a lot of people still balk a bit at the thought of spending money on Pay Per Click advertising. It’s the unknown. It’s a little bit scary and takes a bit of trial and error to get just right. That said, it is an incredibly practical and effective method of advertising you simply shouldn’t ignore.

PPC is Practical

PPC is great for businesses with budgets of any size. We already know that individuals looking for a product or service will use a series of keywords or phrases when using the search engines. This means you’re really simply bidding with other companies to make sure your website shows in the search result ad box. The better your keyword research, the more you can do with less competitive phrases that still drive a ton of traffic.

Even better is the ability to modify your budget and needs. For example, if you know the average person spends $100 on products your business offers, you can also determine what percentage of that amount you’re willing to spend to drive a customer towards your store. If you pay $50 on an ad campaign that drives 10 people to your landing page and only one makes a purchase, you still profit (a little). If you pay $50 on an ad campaign that drives 20 people to your page and 2 make a purchase, you’re doing better. PPC is about being able to generate leads, practically assess your results, make changes, and enhance your ads.

PPC is Effective

A lot of businesses think it’s OK to focus on organic search results while skipping PPC. As a matter of fact, people are more likely to click on your website if they see your business in both the organic results and the ad box. It is as if Google is giving your business a stamp of approval by showing it in both places on the same screen.

PPC is also great for when you have a new promotion or product to promote but don’t want to wait for organic search results to pick up. Your holiday marketing campaigns can start immediately, will be more successful with a solid PPC campaign, and you can more effectively spread the word about your new inventory.

Not sure how to get started? Contact us to find out how we can help you with SEO, paid search advertising, and more. We’ll take your business to the next level, now and throughout the year.

ARP engages WSI for their Web Positioning with SEO

Ken Bowden - Friday, August 28, 2015

ARP Engages WSI for Website SEO

Analistas en Riesgos Patrimoniales, Agente de Seguros y Fianzas S. A. de C. V. (ARP), aware of the commercial explosion that happened in the field of risk prevention and the insurance market, strengthens its advertising presence on the Internet by entrusting its SEO to WSI.

ARP is a company whose mission is to ensure that its customers have a scheme to deal with financial losses or requirements of significant expense, unless they endanger their financial, physical or emotional stability, and in this way contribute to the safe and consistent development of their patrimony.

Attentive to the increase in the potential market that represents the insurance market on the Internet, ARP has begun its online advertising strategy taking advantage of the change in customer behavior that has been observed in the insurance sector for the recent years.

ARP is supporting in WSI, a digital marketing solutions company, to develop its advertising strategy on the Internet so that they will gain market share in this online potential market.

In the first step, nine new optimized web pages were added for SEO, and one existing page was updated. Some URLs were redirected via 301 redirections in order to match the keywords. These pages are the following:











On the other hand, an off-page optimization strategy has been started by posting some articles in external blogs to build back links, so we will increase the popularity of ARP’s website, such as: Google Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly y GHost. Also, we are working on a content plan in order to create social signals in ARP’s social networks.

Each month WSI will provide to ARP a detailed report of the performance of the SEO campaign that shows the results, activities and in depth analysis of their Google Analytics data to assess the effectiveness of the SEO campaign as a result of the on-page and off-page optimizations.

ARP offers services that are differentiated by their professionalism, great customer service and honesty, focused on providing the best solution for the prevention of financial risks of companies or persons served by ARP.

This post originally appeared on this WSI blog: http://www.wsiwebdeal.com/arp-contrata-a-wsi-para-su-posicionamiento-web-con-seo/ and was translated to English Language

WSI Connect Launches New Marketing Strategy for Walnut Creek Accounting Firm

Ken Bowden - Thursday, August 20, 2015

WSI Connect was contracted by local accounting firm, Ernst Wintter & Associates to build, design and maintain a new website and implement a digital marketing strategy.

Upon the initial evaluation, WSI recommended a new website for Wintter with a design focused on lead conversion. The new and improved website launched this month with great reviews. WSI implemented a look that emphasizes Ernst Wintter’s four services and created a new page for each:

The world of taxes, accounting and auditing may be confusing to some, but Ernst Wintter’s new website concisely outlines the benefits of why a company would need, for example, an audit and what to expect during the process. New website content will include geo-modified keywords to aid in search engine results.

WSI Connect also created a blog for Ernst Wintter and is curating and distributing content both on their webpage and on offsite blogs such as WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. The blog articles have been optimized with anchor text that supports their four main lines of business. Topics will focus on areas of concern to their customers and prospective clients. The blog will serve to create educational value for their clients and their communities.

WSI Connect will continue to implement social sharing to help increase awareness about Wintter’s services. Content will be shared on sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. WSI Connect will also create and update directory listings to improve local search results.

Both WSI and Wintter are extremely optimistic about this new venture and look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship.

About Ernst Wintter & Associates

Ernst Wintter & Associates is an accounting firm with over 25 years of experience helping businesses with their audit, tax and accounting needs. Their office is located in Walnut Creek, CA and they assist both individuals and companies with all tax needs.

About WSI Connect

WSI Connect is a marketing agency that strives to deliver solutions, through digital marketing, that enable our clients to increase their profits. They leverage strategies and tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), online pay-per-click advertising (PPC), email marketing, social media, website design and optimization, and content marketing.

Originally posted on the WSI Connect blog at: http://info.wsi-connect.com/blog/wsi-connect-launches-new-marketing-strategy-for-walnut-creek-accounting-firm

WSI Retained by Tom Needham Insurance for a New Website and SEO Implementation

Ken Bowden - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Auto Insurance

Tom Needham Insurance has been offering better prices and the best in service in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina for 18 years. As an independent insurance agency, they shop many of the top insurance companies in the United States and find the perfect plan for each person or company represented.

Recently Tom Needham Insurance partnered with WSI to provide a responsive website, on-page search engine optimization and local SEO. This investment in their online capabilities will enhance their level of customer service, making a dedicated effort to be found on any device and across multiple channels. This also gave their customers the ability to provide all their information and get rapid quotes online over a secure, trusted site.

After the initial keyword research was completed, additional pages, plus a blog, were added to their site for a better user experience and proper optimization. WSI also assisted with relevant content and optimized copywriting. In two months, seven new pages are being shown on page one of search results. Three examples are found below:




Now the primary focus will be on off-page optimization, including citation building and increased customer reviews. WSI will also provide relevant posts for their blogs created at Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger and posts for Google+ and their social channels.

Each month, WSI will analyze the progress made on the key performance indicators of the implementation and provide Tom Needham Insurance with reporting. These reports will allow them to easily see the success of these online projects and see if any changes need to be made in their overall strategy.


Why a Responsive Web Design Matters

Ken Bowden - Saturday, August 15, 2015


Why a Responsive Web Design Matters

Responsive web design. It’s a concept you’ve heard of but might not completely understand, especially if your use of technology is limited. While most business owners have taken the plunge and had a website built, the way that website is viewed on different pieces of technology is different. From computer to computer and web browser to web browser, things generally look the same. But when you start to view a website on a smartphone or tablet, all of which vary in size, things start to get a little bit messy.

With responsive web design, your website can sense what type of device is trying to view it. It can alter the format and show a website design that is appropriate for a different type of device. Your responsive web design, or mobile format, may be completely different from your personal computer format, but with such a large percentage of people doing mobile searches it becomes critical for that display to be user friendly.

Google and Responsive Design

Believe it or not, whether or not your website has a responsive design now matters to the Google algorithm. Earlier this year, Google announced that mobile-friendly websites would receive higher ranking signals in their algorithms than those without it. The change was noted to be significant, meaning this is something a serious business owner really can’t ignore.

Responsive Designs are Flexible

A responsive web design is flexible. Once the basic format is set up, your website can adapt to any type of viewing device. You don’t necessarily have to design 3 or 4 different layouts and hope the right one hits. Someone viewing your website on a smartphone might see a single stream layout while someone on a tablet may see something with multiple columns, but perhaps still not as large as a full computer screen. The user experience is enhanced by the adaptability of your site. A prospective customer who can easily find relevant information about the products needed, is a happy, buying customer.

Oh, and it’s cost effective, too. In the past you actually used to have to design two separate websites – one for mobile and one for computer users. You can now manage all of your information on one site and it will adapt appropriately. Only one site for updates, for on-site SEO, and for off-site marketing.

Not sure if your website has a responsive design? We can help you find out and, of not, we can help you transform your website into a marketing tool guaranteed to bring you new business day in and day out. Just contact us to set up a consultation.



5 Local Search Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Ken Bowden - Thursday, July 30, 2015


5 Local Search Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing a local business is a little more difficult than marketing to a global audience. Your focus needs to be more specific, not only with your target audience but also within your geographic area. For best results with your local search marketing, try your best to avoid these mistakes.

  1. One Page for Multiple Locations – If your business has more than one location, you need to have more than one location page on your website (or local subpages); Facebook; Twitter; and any other platform. If it’s your corporate website, you can have a primary corporate address listed, but each location needs to be a separate page. That way, each can be marketed to the search engines separately and with the appropriate location-specific keywords.
  2. Unfriendly Communication – Communication and customer dialog is important to every business and it may be even more important to local business owners. No matter what type of fantastic content you create, though, you’ll have at least one or two people occasionally leave negative remarks. And even though it may be undeserved, your response should be postitive . Take a step back, take the high road and respond with friendliness and professionalism. Ask someone to read your response before you send it if you aren’t sure you’ve cooled down enough – or wait until the next day to reply.
  3. Forcing Content to Be Viral – We all want to have a blog post or piece of social media content become really popular and go viral. Unfortunately some local marketers are so inpatient, they take it as far as creating a piece of content that is forced and off-topic, which is really nothing more than a gimmick. Ultimately, any type of marketing that doesn’t actually build your brand, work at building their trust, or sell your product is a waste of your time and money – even if it is fun.
  4. You Forgot to List Your Business with Local DIrectories – Local business listing sites are incredibly important to your online marketing efforts. Google, Yelp, and a myriad of other local business directories should have at least the basics about your business. You don’t need to pay all of these sites for advertising, but you do need to have the same presence in multiple places so you can be found when people use the directories for searches.
  5. Spam, Spam, Spam – It’s more than canned ham. Don’t spam your own website with city or keyword tags. Allow them to occur naturally in the appropriate manner. The old practice of creating a list of words separated by commas and thinking your page is optimized is dead. Forget it. Create great content, naturally incorporate your keyword a couple of times, and call it a day.

Need help with your online marketing efforts? WSI New Media Marketing can help you put together a local marketing plan that will take your business to the next level. Get in touch today for a consultation.

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