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Brand awareness is more important now than it ever was before. With consumers completing more than 50% of the buying cycle independently, without even making direct contact with a seller, marketing has becoming extremely challenging. It’s all about building distinct and memorable experiences across multiple channels. If you truly want to stand out and excel, you need to focus on building an online presence that will get you ahead of your rivals and firmly in front of your target audience. A professional looking, responsive and well-optimized website, designed for conversion, has the power to not only attract visitors to your door, but to convince and convert them too. Conversion is much more likely when your visitors arrive at a website that is easy to use and navigate,holds their attention and guides them easily through the buying or enquiring process. That becomes an experience they value and remember and it takes them to the next level of engagement.

At WSI New Media Marketing, we have years of experience in website design and architecture consulting and can assist with all aspects of the web conversion architecture development and management process. From defining your goals to ensuring your website can be viewed on any mobile device, our website experts will ensure your needs are met.

Whether you are looking to build a powerful e-commerce website to showcase your products, or you need a simple five page website for your local company, count on our team to deliver and exceed your expectations.

Here are just some of the website design and build services we have to offer:

  • Web design and web architecture consulting– using our website builder expertise, we will create a website that not only promotes your brand in a professional, meaningful and impactful way, but which also attracts new visitors and helps them through the purchasing process.
  • Ecommerce website design – if you need to showcase multiple products or services, an ecommerce platform is the perfect solution.
  • Responsive site design – using our responsive design expertise, we will ensure that your website can be viewed perfectly on any mobile device.
  • Search engine conversion optimization – we build websites and optimize them for the search engines too. This will ensure you can be found by your target audience easily and quickly.
  • Content management – in addition to designing your website, we can also create your content and define a sustainable content management strategy for you.

Start Receiving Targeted Traffic the Moment Your New Website Goes Live

We want you to start reaping the benefits of your new website the moment it is launched. Our services encompass everything required to ensure this happens. From consulting to website design architecture and optimization, we will tailor our services to suit your needs and the needs of your target audience. WSI New Media Marketing is a market leader in website design, architecture and conversion optimization consulting. Speak to our friendly team now at 336.763.4006.

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