SD Nold Welding Supplies Calls on WSI to Help Expand Business

Ken Bowden - Friday, September 23, 2016


SD Nold Welding Machines and Welding supplies, located in Lisbon, OH has been supplying quality welding products and a vast selection of welding supplies for over 50 years. Their reach now stretches nationwide as they sell new and used welding machines to welders in states across the country.

SD Nold specializes in Miller Welding Machines, in particular the Miller 350 pipe pro and in Lincoln Welding Machines, such as the Lincoln Cross Country 300.

SD Nold buys and sells used welders and allows site to visitors to post their own used welders on the site for potential buyers. They have their own in house repair shop. In addition, SDnold sells a large assortment of welding supplies and welding equipment, some of which is sold online through the ecommerce section of their website at SDNoldweldingsupplies.com.

SD Nold offers some of the best prices in the country and free shipping for welders such as the Miller Big Blue 350.

WSI has been called upon to assist SD Nold with the transition and organization of their new site, the installation of an e-commerce package and the expansion of their reach through national search campaigns on the most common search engine sites.

As part of the strategy to extend their reach, WSI will be conducting on site search optimization practices and off site posting of product and company updates and additional educational material on blog sites such as WordPress and Blogger.

About WSI
WSI is one of the world’s largest digital marketing agencies. With hundreds of offices in many countries around the globe, WSI has helped thousands of companies develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

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WSI Selected by Thoughtful Presence to Provide SEO Services

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WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched SEO efforts for Thoughtful Presence, an online retailer of unique gift baskets and other specialty gifts. Thoughtful Presence, located in suburban Chicago, provides customization for all of their gift products and is known for excellence in designing and creating gift baskets that are unique and beloved.

Thoughtful Presence offers gifts for every special occasion or holiday as well as offering gift collections by recipient. Popular collections include gourmet gift baskets, new baby gift baskets, happy birthday gift baskets and holiday gift baskets.

 Thoughtful Presence designs and delivers quality, unique, and custom gift baskets made with hand selected gifts from the best gift companies. Sometimes trendy, sometimes classic, always impressive. Whether for individual gift giving or corporate, they are known for their customization work which make the gifts truly unique and memorable.

Thoughtful Presence has been pleased with the consulting work on their e-commerce site as well as the on-page optimization process which included copy writing, SEO page level strategy and implementation, as well as new category creation and optimizations. The on-page efforts alone have already generated more organic searches to the site than ever before.

Thoughtful Presence decided to go with a full SEO program from WSI with both on-page and off-page SEO processes. The on-page optimization which is so important for SEO is now complete and now the planning for the off-page optimization is underway. The off page optimization is now beginning for Thoughtful Presence. In addition to citation building, we will be expanding their presence online through an ongoing blogging effort. These high quality blog posts will be syndicated to TumblrWordPress, Weebly and Blogger and together should drive these new gift categories up in the search rankings.

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Ottawa Based Kitchen & Restaurant Supply Store Renews SEO Services With WSI

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Ottawa, ON-based kitchen equipment supplier, Chef’s Paradise has extended its SEO services with WSI eStrategies in Ottawa to include Adaptive SEO.

Chef’s Paradise also known by its retail division CA Paradis, is a second-generation family owned business and purveyor of fine kitchen ware and restaurant supply equipment specializing in high end brands such as VitaMix, Blendtec and Le Creuset and also include a wide range of chef quality kitchen knives and commercial restaurant equipment.

In June of 2015 CA Paradise retained WSI ‘s services to include a local SEO campaign to help push its main keywords in the top 3 positions of the local map pack and generate needed awareness of its retail store. After great success and a new redeveloped website ready that launch in August 2016, Chef’s Paradise is now ready to take their SEO success to the next level with a strategic Adaptive SEO campaign.

To begin, WSI has conducted thorough keyword research and mapping analysis to the appropriate pages as well as setting up additional optimized pages on the site. WSI will continue its effective link building strategy by syndicating high quality content to reputable sites likeTumblrWordPress  and Blogger as well as the creation of additional citations and directory listings.

Each month, WSI will monitor and analyze its projected progress by evaluating the progression of keyword rank in the SERP’s, visits to the site and the number of new links to the optimized SEO pages. Monthly reporting will be presented in person to keep the client aware of all success and potential shortcomings while encouraging full transparency.

About WSI eStrategies in Ottawa

WSI eStrategies a local Ottawa based Digital Marketing Company who works closely with its clients to explore their needs, goals and target markets in order to suggest the best online solution to generate measurable results. We firmly believe in educating our clients about the best practices to help them succeed online.

With offices in over 80 countries and each of them well equipped to bring their knowledge of global digital marketing trends to your business to achieve the best local results, you can trust WSI has the expertise, advanced insight and power to succeed.

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WSI Expands SEO Efforts for Telecom Client

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WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched an expanded SEO effort for Affordable Tel, a Ventura based company offering Phone and Security Systems in southern California. WSI began efforts in 2014 and has been providing expert consulting and SEO optimization for over 2 years.

Our original optimization efforts for Affordable Tel were focused on the primary services offered:

Structured Cabling

Security Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

Affordable Tel has been extremely pleased with the progress of its local SEO ranking, especially as Off-Page Optimization efforts began to take effect. Back in 2014, Affordable Tel had no SEO visibility. WSI optimized the above pages, build out Social profiles on Google+ and Facebook, and created 3 blog sites (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger) where relevant content is shared every month. Now Affordable Tel is on page 1 of search for most of the optimized keywords and traffic to the website has increased dramatically.

Affordable Tel is expanding its offering of Phone Systems this year and with that expansion comes a refreshed website and new page optimizations for the different phone systems offered:




Affordable Tel has been providing quality phone systems for small businesses since 1983. They focus specifically on small business needs, recommending the best telephone systems for their clients, taking time to really learn the needs of the business and finding the best system for the best price. Their services include equipment sales, service, structured cabling, and maintenance. They provide professional consultation, site survey, design and installation for voice and data cabling. They are an authorized Panasonic, Avaya, and NEC dealer, hence the optimization of these key pages on their redesigned site.

Off page optimization will reinforce the new phone brand pages by helping business understand the features and benefits of these systems and showcasing the product knowledge of the Affordable Tel team. Together with the on page optimizations, these pages should rise in the search ranking over time and provide additional visitors and leads for Affordable Tel.

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WSI Further Expands SEO Efforts for MorningStar Senior Living

Ken Bowden - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Memory Care Assisted Living

WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched SEO efforts for a sixth and seventh location of MorningStar Senior Living, a network of over 20 senior living communities located in the Western US.

MorningStar communities offer various services for independent seniors, those needing a little extra help in assisted living suites as well as care for memory impaired residents.  A common goal among all the MorningStar locations is to create a true home for residents amid a beautiful, serene setting with resort style amenities.

MorningStar continues to be extremely pleased with the progress of the five communities WSI has provided SEO for over the last several months.  The efforts have resulted in a remarkable increase in not only first page rankings but lead forms and calls from organic visitors as well.

After the success of the first five locations, MorningStar has expanded the program to include two additional locations:  MorningStar of Billings, which is located in Billings, MT, and MorningStar of Fort Collins, located in Fort Collins, CO.  These locations will use the same success formula as the others, including both on-page and off-page optimization.  

Both of these senior communities are in smaller markets than the previous locations so a smaller scale SEO program was indicated. The Billings location’s priority was to generate more leads for memory impaired residents so a new on-site “memory care” page was added while the Fort Collins primary keyword is more general with an on-site “senior living communities” page added.

The off page optimization is now beginning for both of these communities.  In addition to citation building, we will be expanding their presence online through customer reviews, as well as an ongoing blogging effort. These high quality blog posts will be syndicated to TumblrWordPress, Weebly and Blogger and together should drive these new communities up in the rankings, just as it has for the others.

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WSI Optimizes San Francisco Jewelry Store Web Site

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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched a SEO initiative for Padis Jewelry, one of the premier luxury jewelers in the Bay Area.

Padis Jewelry has been a trusted name in the industry since 1974, specializing in loose certified diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry. Family-owned and operated, Padis Jewelry has grown to include three showrooms in San Francisco with a fourth location in St. Helena, CA.

Using a highly focused strategy for optimizing the web pages and the Google Maps pages for three of Padis’ locations, WSI will employ both on page optimizations and off page optimizations going forward. 

To begin optimizing the site based on keyword relevance and search volume, the WSI team conducted thorough key word research. A master keyword was chosen, as well as supplemental keywords in the same semantic category.  URLs were changed or created for new pages and new SEO friendly copy was written. As a sample of our work, we suggest you review the following pages:

Jewelry Repair San Francisco

Jewelry Appraisal San Francisco

Best Engagement Ring Stores

Best Jewelry Stores

Napa Valley Jewelers

Bay Area Jewelers

San Francisco Jewelry

Jewelry Store

The optimized pages have been live for only a short time and already the organic footprint of the Padis is growing stronger.  

During the next several months, the off page optimization including additional link building and blog syndication to Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly and Blogger should accelerate these trends.


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MSP Retains WSI for Digital Marketing Services

Ken Bowden - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

MSP Corporation is an instrument and equipment company creating products for scientific research and industrial applications. They are known world-wide for their expertise in micro- and nanoparticles and their instruments are used for research and manufacturing.  They have designed productivity enhancing tools for aerosol research, pharmaceutical inhaler testing, thin-film deposition in semiconductor device fabrication, and contamination control.


Next Generation Impactor (NGI)


Flow-Focusing Monodisperse Aerosol Generator™

WSI was retained to develop a new website for MSP and to implement a Search Engine Optimization strategy for their business and to build new leads for their global business. The discovery process was initiated by WSI performing a Competitive Analysis as the basis for a comprehensive marketing plan spanning SEO, social media, press releases and email marketing strategy.

WSI has designed SEO pages to promote the following MSP products and services: Monodisperse Aerosol Generator, portable cleanroom fogger, particle counter instruments, particle generators, inhaler testing equipment, cascade impactors, and certification mensuration inspection services for both the Next Generation Impactor (NGI) and Andersen Cascade impactor. In addition the MSP silica nanoparticles help with nanoparticle sizing standards. MSP instruments also help researchers with particle studies for e-cigarette research as shown in an MSP white paper.

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WSI is one of the world’s largest digital marketing agencies and a leader in Internet marketing, local SEO, national SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Marketing. With over 1,000 offices in more than 80 countries around the globe, WSI has helped thousands of companies develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Contact WSI today to discuss your goals, or to do an analysis of your current marketing activities.

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Brand Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Ken Bowden - Thursday, August 4, 2016


When it comes to your business, your brand is key to building a loyal customer base and differentiating your products.  Although brand marketing and strategy are essential parts of the success puzzle, it’s also things that small business owners tend to find the hardest to fit in their day-to-day duties.

Sound familiar?  If so, you’re in good company.  In honor of making your brand marketing efforts a little bit easier, we’ve compiled some helpful tips:

  • Be You.  This may seem obvious, but somewhere between market competition and striving to be successful, small businesses can lose their unique identities.  Be mindful of the attributes that make your company special, and embrace and communicate the personality and values of your business.  Know your competitive advantage, and use it to build your brand.  Understand what sets you apart from The Other Guy, and incorporate it into your messaging.  
  • Cast a Wide Net, but Stay Consistent.  Brand marketing is a cumulative effect of every interaction you have with your customers.  This means that every time you touch someone, you’re leaving an impression of your brand on them.  To continue to grow your sales funnel, you may need to reach far and wide, but it’s important to maintain consistency so you don’t cause confusion with your consumers.  All of your web content, images, marketing collateral, social media posts, and promo products should be aligned with your company’s identity and unique values.
  • Socialize.  You need to establish yourself as an authority in your industry in order to gain the trust of your consumers.  Build your brand on social media by interacting with your followers, and offer tidbits and tricks that can make their lives a little easier where your industry is concerned.  When people see you as a trusted resource, they’re more likely to come to you when they’re ready to purchase products and services.  Plus, reliable, helpful information and an occasional discount or free tip is more likely to be shared among your followers’ networks, allowing you to gain more exposure.
  • Invest in Great Branding.  Your logo, website, and business cards are foundational to your branding and aren’t places where you should skimp on the budget.  Invest in professional companies who help build brands for a living, and you’ll put a better foot forward.

Great brand marketing is all-encompassing.  From engaging social media to business cards, it’s all about staying true to who you are as a business.  


WSI Provides Digital Marketing Services for Tashman’s Home Center

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Tashman Home Center is a Hardware and Home Improvement store located in the West Hollywood community of Los Angeles, CA. Tashman’s is a family owned business that began in 1961 as a screen repair business and rapidly expanded to a total hardware store and licensed contractor. Tashman’s carries only the finest manufacturers—those that can deliver the highest quality products at a fair price. They specialize in the installation of windows and doors, screens and glass, closet interiors, bath enclosures and much more. If they install it, they guarantee it.


From the base store on Santa Monica Ave. in West Hollywood, Tashman’s serves the entire Los Angeles region including Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades.

Hardware:  Along with traditional hardware and building supply items Tashman’s Home Center also stocks specialty items including plumbing supplies and fixtures, paint and paint supplies, electrical supplies and light bulbs.

Windows and Doors:  The high quality doors and windows carried by Tashman include wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and soundproof windows.  The variety of doors includes exterior and entry doors, front doors, security doors, sliding glass doors, bifold and patio doors, closet and barn doors.  In addition to stocking these items, Tashman installs them for homeowers and property managers.

Screens and Glass:  Screens have changed a lot since 1961.  Tashman’s carries standard window screens and screen doors as well as retractable screen doors and windows, security screen doors, pet screens and more.

In March, 2016, WSI WebSense was retained to increase business for Tashman who had recently undergone a rebranding program and website redevelopment. WSI was asked to improve the search engine rankings. Our initial digital marketing activity consisted of extensive keyword research and optimization of website pages. We have also initiated a focused paid-search advertising and social media marketing campaign.

WSI’s keyword research into the three divisions of the company identified the primary keywords that account for the majority of searches per month. In addition, dozens of specific terms such as “glass sliding doors” and “retractable screen doors” generate specific searches. The initial on-page optimization process included adding pages for the specific product categories in these three divisions. In addition we are registering Tashman in various business directories, expanding their presence on line through customer reviews, as well as a concerted blogging effort. These high quality blogs will be sent weekly in newsletters to the target audience. 

Additionally, we will syndicate the blogs to TumblrWordPressWeebly and Blogger which is designed to improve the rankings of these new pages. In the months ahead, WSI plans to enhance Tashman’s Home Center’s SEO campaign, analyze the effectiveness of the paid-search advertising, and continue to complement both efforts with social posts on the company Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.

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The Anatomy of a Landing Page That Converts

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If you are using digital advertising to send visitors to your home page as the starting point for your sales funnel, then you might want to think again. WSI New Media Marketing can help your business better understand how landing pages are more likely to convert visitors into leads.

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