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WSI New Media Marketing is an Internet marketing firm with global expertise. We aim to provide scalable Internet marketing solutions with measurable results.

Our online marketing consultants in North Carolina will discuss your business requirements, identify opportunities in the competitive landscape and deliver a customized Internet marketing plan. Whether it is for a simple service such as website design and conversion architecture or more complex strategies involving SEO, e-commerce platforms and social relationship campaigns, you can rely on our local team to offer the best advice and implement professional, effective solutions.

  • Locally, Ken Bowden leads a team of professional marketers and developers who will help you identify marketing opportunities and then transition those into tactics that provide measurable business results for small and medium businesses.
  • As a business owner, I can appreciate how quickly technology is changing the way we do business.  Marketing within your business and for your competition is no exception.  Our team’s efforts are aimed at coming along side of your business and helping you adjust to those changes, while keeping you ahead of your competition and realizing additional revenues and a good return on your investment.
  • As past President of a global software company, I ably led teams marketing to medium and large-sized companies. We helped create and implement online products and strategies to engage and retain customers, increase sales and develop new revenue streams.  Customers included Century Tel, HP Asia, Disney, Marriott, StarHub and Optimus.  My responsibilities in senior management encompassed oversight over business development and corporate marketing and also software design, development and implementation.  This past experience has been invaluable in helping us develop a relevant, productive and income producing web presence for companies across North Carolina and beyond.
  • Today our experienced team consistently helps companies in Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte and all across North Carolina, develop an engaging web presence that results in increased visitor traffic, generates qualified leads and increased revenues, using a variety of digital channels.

Our professional Internet Marketing team is here to offer you consultation, tactical implementation, content production and an overall strategy that will wrap all this together and help you be more successful today!  We’d welcome the opportunity to partner with you!
Contact us today to explore a cost-effective integrated Internet marketing strategy that delivers ongoing results and ROI.

Local Internet Marketing Consultants Can Help Expand your Business

Internet marketing consultants are specially trained and certified Internet business experts. A professional’s expertise can raise your website’s ranking on search engine pages and increase conversions.
Some of the ways in which your business can benefit from our services here in North Carolina:

  • Our website design service will guarantee excellent navigation, pages that load fast, search engine optimized appeal, relevant content, Conversion Architecture™ and visual appeal that will boost your search engine rankings.
  • Our professionals can focus on North Carolina and nationally, to identify keywords relevant to your business, and then optimize your website for these keywords.
  • The proper placement of relevant links on corresponding blogs, websites, and directories is critical for online marketing success. Our experts, who have an ‘inside track’ into how to go about this, can do it efficiently for you.
  • Our search engine optimization firm will partner with your company to deliver value to your business and help you to achieve significant ROI as you build a profitable long-term partnership.
  • Our consultants in North Carolina can create a website that not only ranks well, but that converts traffic into money. Using analytics, studying conversion funnels, creating landing pages, understanding time on site, monitoring keyword trends, studying user interaction etc. our professional team can drive your sales upwards. 

WSI New Media Marketing’s wide-ranging expertise allows us to provide small and medium sized companies and non-profits in North Carolina with a customized online marketing strategy, which will enhance profitability while reducing costs. Call 336.763.4006 for a free, no obligation consultation on how to make Internet marketing work for you. Join our mailing list to subscribe to our monthly Internet marketing newsletter.

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