Tips for getting the most out of your holiday marketing

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Tips for getting the most out of your holiday marketing

Marianna Muscat - Monday, November 9, 2020

This holiday season, make pay per click advertising (PPC) the strongest weapon in your marketing arsenal.

We have seen how this year has flown by in a haze and the holiday marketing season – along with a chance to make good on the year’s targets – will soon be upon us.

Why is PPC so effective? 

The primary benefit of PPC is that you only pay for the ads that have been clicked on. This means that you are only paying for an already-filtered audience and people who have no interest in your product or service are already sifted out of the potential audience. Minimal wastage.  It also means that your marketing message is highly customizable and can be tailored for a more selected or niched market, creating what is perceived as an intuitive, bespoke message.

From the back end, we as your local SEO company can track your advertising and thereby provide valuable data on your ROI almost immediately, allowing you to respond to trends or opportunities as they arise.

One of the attractions of PPC is that it levels the playing field for smaller businesses which can ordinarily not compete with the huge ad spend of large corporations – especially in the holiday season when those budgets go into the millions.

We can even tailor your PPC advertising so that you can show ads on mobile search results giving users an option to click-to-call from the ad and make direct contact with your company.

Another PPC marketing benefit is that it allows you to drive traffic to your site within hours, so your holiday marketing can be time-specific. It is faster than an SEO campaign that could take weeks or longer to show results.  With PPC advertising, your ad will show up on search result pages as soon as the campaign goes live.

Why is the holiday season the ideal time to start using PPC advertising to bolster your campaign? 

Apart from the obvious benefit of creating a seasonal campaign so that your ad appears only for a certain time period, you can also bid on only the amount you are willing to spend. You can even choose to target your ads to a specific position, keyword, or time of day! Holiday season marketing campaigns are the ideal time to incorporate PPC advertising into your campaigns, so speak to your SEO service provider to action this.

The local SEO agency with global expertise 

For more information on pay per click advertising, as well as effective social media marketing, local marketing, and mobile content marketing, contact your local SEO company – WSI New Media Marketing in Greensboro – today!


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