How to market on social media for your business

How to market on social media for your business

How to market on social media for your business

Marianna Muscat - Tuesday, November 9, 2021

In order to get the most out of your digital marketing, it is essential to know how to use social media for your business. There are currently almost 5 billion people using social media platforms. Each of these spends an average of 2.5 hours per day on their platforms of choice. These hours offer perfect opportunities to target new customers and build brand awareness. Do you know how to take advantage of these opportunities? Follow these tips for social media mastery. 

Brainstorm your ideas

It is vital to emphasize the ‘social’ in social media, even in the beginning as you develop your strategies, tactics and content. Bring your team together and get everyone’s input. Some team members may be excellent copywriters but may not be comfortable with social media. Others may be social media natives with strong ideas on how and where to post for best results. Talk it out, get creative and throw all possible ideas on the table before you start to hash out a strategy.

Decide which platform best suits your company and content

Your success depends on using the right platform. Some businesses will be better off reaching their customers on Facebook, while others should stick to a mix of Twitter and LinkedIn, for example. Think carefully about the kind of work you do, the sector you are in, and the preferences of your target market.

Build relationships to grow and expand

Many people make the mistake of focusing only on numbers in their social media: more followers, more fans, etc. Don’t get us wrong, the numbers are important, but it is more important that you are targeting the right people – those who will become committed customers and longstanding members of your community. When you build a community, its members will engage with you, and spread the word about your brand, helping the community to grow organically. You may even want to bring social media influencers into the mix.

Pay attention to trends and be interactive

Social media trends move and shift with alarming rapidity. It is no good posting the same kind of content, in the same way, all the time. It is essential that you pay attention to what your community and other people on social media are doing and saying, and keep up with the trends – even better, learn to anticipate them. You may want to bring an influencer on board to help. 

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