How To Make Your PPC Campaign More Affordable Without Sacrificing Reach

How To Make Your PPC Campaign More Affordable Without Sacrificing Reach

Ken Bowden - Monday, July 15, 2019


Have a small budget but still want big results? With a bit of strategizing and research, it is indeed possible to make your PPC campaignmore cost-effective without sacrificing on the number of people whom you are able to reach. Here is how:

  • Geo-Targeting 

If your budget is tight, you need to target your PPC campaign very carefully to avoid ‘wasting’ clicks. Geo-target people within specific areas who would be able to access your products and/or services. Just because you limit your campaign to a specific area does not mean that you will restrict the number of people whom you are able to reach in it!

  • Schedule Your Ads Carefully 

You are more likely to reach a higher number of people at certain times of the day, hence the reason why it is often smarter to schedule your ads to show only at these times, as opposed to in a more staggered manner. The pay per click advertising platform that you are using will provide you with these insights. Paying attention to them will help to maximize reach without taking you over budget.

  • Track Performance 

When running your ads, make sure that tracking is set-up through the PPC platform and website analytics to effectively measure performance. This will allow you to learn more about who the campaign is reaching and how they are reacting to it. In short, you will have a much better idea of where and how to optimize the campaign in order to keep reach high and costs low.

  • Research Keywords 

Generic keywords can be extremely costly. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to do some more intensive keyword research to see if you can save money. ‘Designer handbags’, for example, is likely to cost more than double a more specific keyword like ‘designer handbags North Carolina’.

  • Include Ad Extensions 

While ad extensions may not increase reach, they will certainly improve the effectiveness of your campaign, all the while helping to boost the number of leads that you receive. Ad extensions include your company’s click-to-call phone number, site links, address, and structured snippets.

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