Different social media marketing courses to learn

Different social media marketing courses to learn

Different social media marketing courses to learn

Marianna Muscat - Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Social media marketing is the best way to build brand awareness and develop a loyal fan base. However, you can’t simply “wing it” through your social media marketing. It consists of several core skills and tactics that you need to master. Social media marketing courses are the best and quickest way either to learn the fundamentals or to upgrade your marketing efforts.

Where should I begin?

There are many social media courses available, covering every skill level from beginner to advanced. It makes sense to start with a beginner’s course if you are a newcomer to social media marketing. If you have already been working in the field for a while, and are looking to get better results, you can either take a refresher course, or go back to basics – you may find that there are a lot of basic concepts that you don/t know about yet.

How do I know which course is right for me?

To help you choose the right social media marketing course, consider your current skill level, desired skill level, and budget. These three elements should help you zero in on the course that you and your team need at any given moment. Whatever your current skill level is, you want a course that will take you up to the next level. With your end result in mind, you can then look at the cost-vs-benefit balance among all the options, and make an informed choice. 

The different options available

There are way too many social media marketing courses available for us to list here, but here are four of the best:

  • Social media marketing certification from HubSpot: The HubSpot Academy offers a wide range of courses covering all aspects of the field. This particular one is a well-rounded social media marketing course that teaches you everything from strategy to social media listening, social media advertising, and more.
  • Hootsuite’s social media training: Many social media marketers probably already use Hootsuite to schedule their posts. This course will turn beginners into competent marketers, and help established ones take a more strategic, and technically competent approach to their posting.
  • Social media marketing mastery by Udemy: Udemy has a course for pretty much everything, and this one is a really comprehensive one that will turn you into a social media expert. 
  • Social media marketing foundations (LinkedIn): LinkedIn offers this for free on its Learning Platform, and also provides access to several paid social media courses from intermediate to advanced skill levels. This course offers a quick, free overview of everything you need to know about social media.

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