How to Grow Your Follower Base on Twitter

Ken Bowden - Sunday, July 12, 2015


How to Grow Your Follower Base on Twitter

You’re on Twitter and you’ve followed a lot of people, but people aren’t responding to your tweets or following you back. It probably feels like you’re talking to a wall. Here a five things you can do to increase your follower base on Twitter.

  • Comment on Other People’s Tweets – Seriously. Use hashtags to find content relevant to your niche, connect with others, and comment on their tweets. You’ll gain trust and build connections from others in your niche who will in turn ultimately end up sharing and commenting on our content as well. Look for trending topics whenever possible so that you can be a part of the conversation.
  • Stay Active – You don’t need to be on Twitter all day, every day, but you do need to be active on a regular basis. You can’t spend hours on the platform on Monday and then ditch it until Saturday. Try to spend just a few minutes commenting, favoriting, or retweeting each day. It’s an easy task you can do while in a waiting room or waiting on a phone call.
  • Retweet – Speaking or retweeting – just do it. Find at least one person a day with something relevant to say and retweet someone’s content. They’ll love you for it and a vast majority will eventually do the same for you.
  • Take Advantage of Your LinkedIn Connections – Already have a LinkedIn account? Check this out. Go to “settings” and export your contacts to a .CSV file. Upload the .CSV file to your email contacts list and then use Twitter to import contacts from your email account. You’ll likely find you have dozens of mutual acquaintances on Twitter you just haven’t found yet.
  • Listen to Twitter – Twitter will analyze your content and recommend people for you to follow in the #Discover section of your dashboard page. Check to be sure they have similar interests, follow some of those people, and interact with them. You’ll be surprised at the results this simple underutilized tool can give.

There are, of course, paid options for finding new fans but your best bet is to start with the free tools that encourage a little bit of use and interaction. Need help? Contact us today to find out how WSI New Media Marketing can help you grow your business online!

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