Digital-first compared to integrated marketing communication

Digital-first compared to integrated marketing communication

Marianna Muscat - Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Many businesses today take a digital-first approach to marketing, either de-prioritizing traditional marketing or doing away with it altogether. The reality is that integrated marketing, employing methods from both approaches, is the most effective solution. In fact, the line between traditional and digital is starting to blur, meaning that integration is rapidly becoming the norm.

Mixed media platforms should be considered

A typical marketing campaign will consist of a variety of tactics working together towards a business’s goals. You may post blogs or vlogs on your website, while offering print collateral either in PDF format or in strategically chosen legacy media outlets, while also driving customers towards these through social posts. It is plain to see how traditional media tools are working seamlessly alongside digital ones. Most marketers will use these integrated approaches as a matter of course. Rightly so, since building a marketing plan around one method or platform is extremely limiting. You can still keep your digital platforms at the core of your marketing journey, while making clever use of wide-ranging conventional methods to help build awareness and drive your audience towards your digital platforms. 

Make use of these mixed media approaches carefully, looking for what works and utilizing it fully and thoughtfully. Digital media are rapidly evolving, effective, accurate and wide-ranging. Traditional methods, however, are still very effective for specific, targeted purposes. When you find the right mix, you are sure to enhance the power and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The key is to find ways to enjoy the agility and versatility of digital media, while employing traditional tools to hit a mass audience and reinforce your brand. Remember that your customers are not limited to either traditional or digital media, but are exposed to varying combinations of both on a daily basis. Your approach should be equally flexible. Know your audience and research their media consumption habits to ensure that you create the ideal mix of digital and traditional media.

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