5 Tips for Creating a Successful Facebook Holiday Marketing Campaign

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Facebook Holiday Marketing Campaign

Ken Bowden - Sunday, November 15, 2015


5 Tips for Creating a Successful Facebook Holiday Marketing Campaign

You’ve been working all year to build relationships and connect with your audience on Facebook. Your business is growing and you’re in the home-stretch. The major holiday shopping season is here and you’re ready to step up your marketing game by creating a marketing campaign that includes Facebook. Here are some things to consider as you put your plan into action.

Clarify Your Goals

No, your  goal can’t simply be to “sell more.” Your goals for the holiday season need to be specific and tangible.  Provide clarity for each team member and in your promotions, so goals can be accomplished.  Create an enticing holiday package or something that will really draw your audience in. Hopefully they’ve been following you for a while and already trust you. Make sure they’re thinking of you when it’s time to start shopping.  Then you can measure your success by web traffic visitors or mailing list sign-ups and sales receipts, compared to last year.

Run a Contest

Running a contest is an incredible way to gain exposure for the holidays,  but you’re going to need to make sure you familiarize yourself with Facebook’s contest guidelines. You can ask people to answer a question, comment on or like a post, post a photo, or something else that creatively fits within contest guidelines. Once you’ve determined your contest goals, rRun the contest, choose a winner, and make sure you thank everyone else who participated by offering a discount or coupon code. The people who are excited about your product or service will jump on it.


That brings us right to coupons. Take advantage of them. You don’t have to run a contest to offer coupons or discount codes. People love discounts and hate feeling like they’re paying full-price – especially during the holiday season. A coupon can be for a discount off of a particular item or even for something as simple as free shipping. You don’t have to break your business or give things away. Facebook has great tools you can use to create coupons or ads.

Local Awareness Ads

Take some time out to read and learn about Local Awareness ads on Facebook. This is an incredible tool that ties in with mobile responsiveness. These ads will only show in a person’s Facebook feed if they are within a certain radius of your business, enticing them to simply stop by see what you have to offer or to call and make an appointment. Timing is everything during the busy holiday season.

Create a Calendar

Keep your fans engaged by creating a content and events  calendar with daily prizes, games, competitions, incentives and things that are fun as well as related to sales. A 12 Days of Christmas calendar or something equally enticing and engaging will keep your fans coming back to look for more – to see if there’s something new that’s fun or enticing. Keep them on their toes and surprise them!

We know it’s not easy to juggle your online marketing campaign with the actual hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Give WSI New Media a call and we’ll help you stay organized and on track well into the New Year.



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